Tshirt 4 Amnesty

Amnesty_2  Hmm must be mid 80s this one – quite a cheap shirt – very stylised quasi religious treatment of persecution – the Spanish makes it a little more interesting. Not one I’m particulary proud of – I wasn’t a card carrying member of Amnesty so I dunno why I bought it at the time. All I will say is that at the same period  I have a vague memory of wearing some even dodgier promotional t shirts for Iron Bru and one with the Cresta bear which mercifully have long since disappeared so I don’t have the humiliation of posting them for general ridicule – what was I thinking? This was a time in my life when I have a vague recollection of going into Top Man and buying just awful stuff. Not saying my taste has improved but I can see how dreadful it was then.

This is a good example of the totem T shirt where you can change your skin and culturally reference whatever is happening at the time. There’s a great bit in the novel E where the creative director sends his PA out to buy some T shirts with the latest band names on them so he looks suitably cool when he flie off to the shoot.

Designed by Matthew Pattman