Tshirts no 2 and 3 down the Kings Road

Lascaux right – wind forward – 1983 I’m on an advertising course at Watford College – trying to get into advertising. Haven’t got a lot of money but going into London regularly doorstepping ad agencies. And for some reason I find myself walking down the Kings Road  – mebbe it was working on that Jordans pitch for TBWA and I was doing store checks. Anyway there was this punk market in the town hall. Everything was torn or had safety pins through it – which was never me really. But there was also a stall with these T shirts with a brand name Janet and John. Quite expensive – I bought 2. Printed front and back I’ve never seen anything like them. Made of very light cotton they should have fallen apart years ago but they’re remarkably strong. And they haven’t worn out on me. I think of them as art work and miss them already.  I just think the tribal themes are really simple and beautifully executed.



Designed by Matthew Pattman