Tshirt 5 Posada – false messiah

Posada I bought this shirt at an exhibition of Posada engravings in Oxford in about 1988. Can’t remember why I was there.

Posada was a Mexican engraver who was part artist and part journalist. His work appeared in local papers at the end of the 19th century during a bloody period of Mexican history. Which is what makes his work so interesting. Its political but its also surreal and deals with the world of the dead. Mexico has an annual  festival of the dead where people visit graves. But Posada puts skeletons on newfangled inventions like bicycles – he really mixes it up. So subject matter is everything from heaven and hell with a few devils thrown in with a few firing squads to boot. Graphic work. And well worth  hunting for. I even have a Sol beer bottle with a Posada image on the side somewhere in my clutter.

The image on the shirt looks like its celebrating an ayatollah of a preacher who is terrorising the congregation with his rhetoric – actually the title is the False Messiah. It’s wearing out – sooner or later I’ll have to chuck it. And its one of my favourites. So if anyone is planning another Posada exhibition let me know and I’ll come to buy another T shirt!

Designed by Matthew Pattman