Shirt no 6 Just wild about Harry

Harry This has got to be in my top 3 of favourite T shirts. Created by Richard Nicholson aka Billy Penn’s Brother who was one of those running the Harry arts festival in the Yorkshire showground in 1989. On the back of the shirt is the legend I’m just wild about Harry 89. 

The shirt is still as eyecatching as it was when I bought it the ink hasn’t faded at all. Its the biggest image on a T shirt I have – if you’re going to decorate a T shirt then why not make the image HUGE. This is the biggest image on any of my T shirts by far.

I love the image of Punch playing a tennis racquet like a guitar – suitably self parodying while grasping for a heritage the festival didn’t have. When I was a kid I used to spend hours round at my grandparents place looking through antique annuas of Punch magazine which was full of these strong engraved images. I’ve got CDs full of clip art of this stuff as well. If I knew how to silkscreen T shirts I’d make my own. Bring on the Victorian engravers I say!

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  • katherine says:

    Aww man, you’re making me feel old here!! sigh. I loved that image too…my t-shirt got left on a train….well , out of a train window at high speed actually…long story..won’t bore you now…ciao.

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