Shirt 10 Winds of Change

Windsofchange1 Windsofchange2 This was a T shirt I bought at a gig I went to in around 1990 in Battersea for a Soweto Gospel choir called Winds of Change. I love African choirs and the calligraphy religious style of the T shirt graphic works nicely with the grittiness of Soweto – or have I just joined pseuds corner – I rather think so! My favourite memory from the gig was that the Socialist Workers party had sponsored it in the interests of solidarity with the oppressed and the oppressed caused a small upset by announcing that in the next song they would be singing about the return of Jesus Christ – not quite what the socialist cognoscenti of Battersea had in mind – the oppressed are supposed to be past opiates of that kind.  The choir is long gone but on youtube I found another choir from Soweto with some of the same energy.

Designed by Matthew Pattman