shirt 13 MSN – beta testing

Msn2 Msn1 Now here’s a bit of history. I had been freelancing and Ogilvy and Mather Direct and briefly worked on the launch of Windows NT – the following summer MSN launched. I went online to have a play and went into what was a Compuserve-a-like walled garden of a site. All the content was coded by Microsoft and you couldn’t surf the net from it.  A week later without warning a fedex package arrived with this T shirt announcing that I had helped to debug it.  Roughly I suspect at the same time that Bill Gates concluded he had made a catastrophic mistake and took the MSN servers down. Weeks later MSN appeared as an open site – which you could use to browse the internet – it was the last and only time I can think of when Microsoft blinked.  So I wear my debuggers T shirt with pride – I never really earned it but I have worked on and off with Microsoft since with perhaps 5 different agencies. The brand who everyone loves to hate.

Designed by Matthew Pattman