shirt 14 Jim

Jim2 Jim1 In 1993 after a stint of freelance I went to Carlson Group as planning director of MHA – the DM agency and FKB the sales promotion agency – upstairs. Here’s a T shirt from MHA.  A young account manager nickname Ringo – real name Paul (surname has long gone from my memory) led an agency band which rejoiced in the name of Jim. Jim was the name of the highly unpopular marketing manager of MHA’s largest client – and in a fit of revenge the agency band was called after him. The hapless Jim eventually found this out and ordered the name of the agency band changed – which petty dictat the agency ignored.  When Ringo wasn’t organising the band he spent his time writing slanderous and hilarious newsletters.  Eventually someone realised that this wasn’t the best indication of a burgeoning account handling career and transferred him to the creative department where his abundance of creative energy could be put to more profitable use. Last I heard of him he had become a very succesful and highly decorated creative at ehs brann. The T shirt by the way is his concept.

Designed by Matthew Pattman