15 and 16 more agency T shirts

Fkb2 Fkb1 Well here are a couple more. FKB Carlson was in the habit of doing 1 commemorative T shirt a year. This is my sole FKB t shirt. And here’s another MHA T shirt – sunny day at MHA – what a stinker. I don’t recall any advertising agency of my acquaintance ever making T shirts because the staff are usually so fashion conscious they are terrified of looking naff – so would never wear the T shirts anyway. Whereas below the line staff are a lot less precious and wear their agency Ts with pride. I once suggested to the MD of an ad agency I worked in that we should present in sweatshirts with house colours (rather as Microsoft employees present in the current ID colours). He was appalled and said that he didn’t buy Paul Smith suits if not to wear them in new business presentations. Which is advertising all over.


Designed by Matthew Pattman