T shirt 17 – Brand ident oh dear

Wolfsheep While I was at MHA we went through one of those periods when the board sit down and try to work out what the agency stands for. Excruciating. I’ve done this with several agencies and its usually doomed to failure because…. of a) lack of research because the agency is far too nervous to ask its clients why the clients gave them the business (by the way the agency always slags clients off for having the same cavalier attitude to research) and b) ludicrous overconfidence in what makes an agency unique – there usually isn’t very much at all which is unique so what comes out is a load of motherhood statements with no objective reality at all.  This T shirt I bought 4 copies of -0 one for me, one for the MD, creative director and head of client services. Between ourselves we had come up with the idea of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing when we were neither wolfish or sheepish nor likely to become so. Ah well. Chalk that one down to experience.

Designed by Matthew Pattman