T shirts 18 and 19 Beer T shirts

EnigmaHeineken_2 You probably think you’ve wandered into a trackless waste of T shirts. Well here the track passes through a couple of promotional T shirts I’ve lumped together from the mid 1990s which are still cluttering up my drawer.  One is for Heineken and the other for Enigma. I must have got this one for mildly sentimental reasons.  I used to work on Guinness when I started out in advertising – and Guinness has always tried to crack the lager market and never has. When I was on the business it was all about Harp and staying sharp. And well that didn’t go down very well. Here they’ve tried to transfer the complexity of the Guinness brand and halo it onto a lager by calling it Enigma. Well… there was nothing very enigmatic about Enigma. It was just another lager by Guinness and went the way of Harp. Another piece of history.

I can’t remember what year this was. What I do remember is freelancing on sponsorship in 1993 and at some point being wheeled into a room where I was a fellow freelance with Ernest Saunders. Ernest Saunders ran Guinness when I was a menial advertising researcher in the 1980s – I was too lowly to be in the same room as him at ABM when he deigned to show up.  Ernest then got into a spot of bother by fooling around with share prices. He got tried and sent to prison. And  released on compassionate grounds because he was suffering from Alzheimers. All I can say is that in 1993 he seemed to have made a remarkable recovery.

Designed by Matthew Pattman