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Idols The next 3 in the sequence form a religious theme. I can’t remember where I got this one but it was in the mid 1990s  – I was fascinated by the line – Kill your idols.  I never wear it because its not that comfortable and it actually offends me as much as it interests me. So kept in the drawer to be reflected on from time to time. The sentiment is correct – idolatry has a distorting effect. Idols eventually get toppled. And people have turned Christ into an idol. But that doesn’t take away his divine and iconic status for me. Apparently Curt Cobain had one of these shirts. But I can’t claim to be a listener to Nirvana and Cobain – I’m a boomer not Gen X.

It sort of reminds me of a line I coined for an adcept for church advertising. Which showed the crucifixion scene – and the headline another stunt for Fathers for Justice. Useful for research but hadn’t a hope of anyone running it.

Another image I wrought rather clumsily using Photoshop around the line God on a stick (see below). I find shocking reframings quite helpful. Too often religious truth is ringfenced and policed until all the life drains out of it. The real thing is much more ambiguous. Godonastick

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  • Roberto Rodriguez Jnr says:

    Axl Rose wears the Kill Your Idols t-shirt in the Guns n Roses video for the song You Could Be Mine.

  • Scott Nelson says:

    Would you be interested in selling this shirt? I collect axl rose related items. Let me know. Thanks, Scott

  • MOFO says:

    Hi, its available to buy anywhere this t-shirt “kill your idols”? What picture is on back side?
    thx for info

  • Bailey says:

    Any chance at all you could get a bigger straight pic of just the design? it would really mean alot.

  • A. says:

    KURT Cobain never had a t-shirt like this you clown. It was Axl Rose who did.

  • Good point A – yes now I remember it was Axel Rose – oops. But this post has been up here over a year with plenty of comments and requests for getting hold of it. And you’re the first person to point out that it was Axel and not Kurt. Ah well.

  • Anonymous says:

    a greater loss but has had the rock, lyrics miss his talent and infected us with a rage of others, wish you were his art and his talent here with us the man was alone on their own ..

  • lorna wilson says:

    I’m looking for kill your idols skinny ,one that axl wore on vid knocking on heaven’s door …please help cant seem to find one anywhere!…lorna x

  • Mikee says:

    Kill your idols was a cool statement shirt design but it is not proper to put it with the Jesus Christ print.

  • fille says:

    Axl wears this in the freddy mercury tribute concert…

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