T shirt 22 Jesus is coming: look busy!

Lookbusy In mitigation for the delay between this and the last posting I can only say I have been rather busy! I found this T shirt in Soho towards the end of my time working at CDP in perhaps 1999. I had to have it as soon as I saw it. What I remember is that my colleagues didn’t seem to have a problem with the shirt – they were more discomforted that I as a Christian had bought it. An indication of how transference works  – so often those of us with religious faith seem almost to be a scapegoat carrying all the baggage which other people don’t want to carry and people are disappointed even outraged when we don’t. I thought it was a funny line on the T shirt. I make sure I wear Jesus is coming look busy with pride during December the advent season in the church when we anticipate the coming of Christ. I even bought another shirt for a friend who ran a Christian arts festival – a small team working frantically most of the year round. It was therapy for them

Designed by Matthew Pattman