T shirt 23 – On your feet

Onyourfeet2 Onyourfeet1 Late in 1999 I was had moved from working on Honda to an even better job within CDP – planner on new business which allowed me to read books, go on courses and generally get ahead of the game. The Account Planning Group organised a day course run by the Improv group On your Feet. It was tremendous fun and here’s the T shirt that went with the course perfectly capturing the notion of mischief they were inculcating in the creative development process. On your feet mix brainstorming with theatre improv. There’s a bit of actOR, bare feet and legwarmers at times – concentrate on your breathing luvvie. But only a little. Mostly it is about how creativity can be promoted through the practice of theatrical improvisation. The ‘offer’ which must be continued and not blocked. Using exercises from  mime and physical theatre. Dunno if they’re still at it but if they are then book your self on.  Highly recommended.

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  • Gary Hirsch says:

    John we are still at it and have many more t-shirts! I just ran across your blog , thanks for the post. Contact me with a mailing address and I will send you a new shirt. I’ll bet that one is wearing a bit thin.

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