T shirt 24 – Success means never having to wear a suit

Success My sister gave me this in the spring of 2000 as I was plannning going freelance from CDP and plotting the genesis of Planning Above and Beyond. It perfectly captures how I was feeling at the time. Though the dot com boom had relaxed the dress code significantly. In fact we yoyoed up and down. Dressing down for dot com meetings and sometimes remembering to dress up again for bemused bricks and mortar prospects.  It wasn’t casual – if you overdressed for the dotcoms they wouldn’t take you seriously. I still wear suits regularly truth to tell. Its the ties which went and mostly haven’t come back. It takes a funeral or a pitch involving a LOT of money to get me to put a tie back on. And I’ve only been made to take out my earstud once for a pitch on the spurious grounds that the senior client was a born again Christian who would think I was gay and that might affect the pitch. I took it out .. we still didn’t win.

I’m still in the habit of wearing the T shirt WITH a suit to show that working for yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you turn into a walk on part for Miami vice – mebbe we’re not as successful as we look :-) I remember wearing it on the platform (with a suit) at the 2004 MRS conference where I assembled a team paper which won the prize for best new thinking and was shortlisted for best paper and the David Winton award for best new research practice innovation.   But that’s enough boasting for now.

3 Responses to T shirt 24 – Success means never having to wear a suit

  • The way we dress not necessarily reflects on us. Being on a corporate attire might make us look as an Executive but this can’t lead us to success. Dress the way you want as this won’t help us in our life.

  • I went out googling for coracles and somehow wound up looking at your T-shirt page. Thank you for brightening my evening and reinforcing my faith that something wonderful always turns up.

  • mikee says:

    I like the statement on this shirt. I’m kinda relate with it. thanks for sharing..

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