T shirt 25 – the flying 40s and Bruce Cockburn

Cockburn2 Cockburn1 This is rather out of sequence – it should have been located somewhere in the middle of the Jesus T shirt sequence to maintain the chronology. I was given this by Claire with whom I shared the 40th birthday party.  Her husband Andrew and I were room mates at university and aficionados of the Canadian musician Bruce Cockburn hence the lyrics.  At this point Miriam my younger daughter had been born. Around this time I managed to tie in having a vasectomy and getting my ear pierced at the same time whileI was still on painkillers (which is probably more information than you want right now) but people still talk about it and remind me – was I having a midlife crisis or was this more Griffiths eccentricity?  Last year I was wearing the shirt at Greenbelt at a gig when a stranger leans over and identifies the Cockburn song and the album it came from. Now that IS scary. Cockburn fans tend to obsessiveness – so I’m in familiar company.  I didn’t like turning 40 but in retrospect it has been a good age – full of health and opportunity. The lyric nails the uncertainty I was feeling at the time.

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  • The Rev. Dr. Susan Dolan-Henderson says:

    This is a bold request and honest I am not trying to manipulate you. I have been a big Cockburn fan for almost thirty years. He even played “All the Diamonds in the World” at a concert; my students played it at my ordination to the priesthood. But I have several chronic illnesses (Lupus, brain tumor, dysautonomic failure. Despite this, I taught and worked at a seminary for 16 years. I was able to do it, and do it well. But they didn’t want a person with disabilities, or a political radical that still embraces Christ. So systematically, over two months, this church institution forced me out. I took a settlement because I have a twelve year old who I couldn’t put through a court battle where I’d be angry. My faith is shaky now and the stress of last year has cause my endocrine and immune system to collapse. Now I am bed ridden a lot of the time. I walk in darkness. Is there some way to find this old t-shirt? Don’t worry, I won’t die or anything if there isn’t. Thanks for your kindness.

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