T shirt 26 – Da Vinci – making the code

Davinci1 Davinci2 In 2003 I got asked to write a development process for an international media consultancy startup called Da Vinci. A great example of the sheer range of work I get asked to do. Sometimes I think I need to go and have a new business drive – what holds me back is that I fear that what I go after will never be as interesting as what turns up. If I have made a mistake in my career it is in continuously trying to innovate when often what is required is less radical. The danger is not taking people with you. The system I designed enabled you to explore brand partnerships – how to match media channels with your brand aspirations. It was advanced stuff and mirrored what Steve Heyer of Coca Cola was talking about at the same time at the first Madison and Vine conference. Though I didn’t find this out till the following year when I wrote it up for Market Leader. Through the rest of 2003 I went and used the system once in Detroit with Chrysler. More work followed with Mercedes and Mitsubishi but I now think the system was a step too far. I’ve used bits of it since in various papers and workshops. But after a blast of a Christmas party in Dusseldorf where we were given these T shirts I wasn’t asked to work with these guys again. Ah well.

Designed by Matthew Pattman