T shirt 27 – Feel agency and Jip the dog

Feel1_2Feel2_2 I’ve never worked with Feel and don’t know exactly how I came to visit their website and apply for the free T shirt (which they sent me). But here’s a tribute to Chris Arnold the creative behind the agency who I still haven’t met.  But clearly I owe him! Feel went on to merge with Edgeideas with whom I had been working from time to time – a wonderful opportunity to work with Ron Leagas.  They changed their name to BLAC. And now word on the street is that they’ve reverted to Feel again.

2 Responses to T shirt 27 – Feel agency and Jip the dog

  • Chris Arnold says:

    BLAC did split in to BLAC and FEEL (v2). However, after a year, two of FEEL’s original members, Victoria Gallardo (CD) and Chris Arnold (ECD and founder of Feel and designer of the Jip t-shirt) quit. FEEL (v2) was nothing like Feel (v1). They have set up SYMPLE (www.symple.co.uk) a creative and strategic consultancy and are just about to launch a social enterprise called Creative Orchestra – an incubation talent pool for young creatives entering the communications industry. It has some elements of the original (and now legendary) FEEL (v1). So watch out for a new t-shirt.

  • Chris Arnold says:

    Just 6 weeks after my last post we’ve launched. see. http://www.creativeorchestra.com. We have selected 25 of the best young talent about – a diverse group of creatives from different disciplines and cultures but all communications savvy. Not only is an incubator pool of brilliant young minds but by size one of the top 20 creative departments in size. But as it’s only a creative department for hire, this makes it the first real independent creative dpt in the UK (so we believe). Some believe that creative departments will follow the path of media departments.

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