what to do with the phishermen?

I don't get a lot of comments on the blog – apart from the phisherman that is – generic viagra he's a regular – an there's a nitrate too. Who go out of their way to give genuine comments. In the hope that I won't notice or will fell too guilty to report them. Cos its always nice to get comments right?

Here are the choices:

Castrate /kill/ report. Castration – where you keep all the positives and lose all the phishing related links and comments is a bit of a cheat really.  Because I don't know a lot of people called Generic Viagra. Best to kill em off.

When to kill and when to report? If there is no connection between what they post and the blog post then its a report for sure. But if their blog is interested then that is harder – I wouldn't go so far as to give them a new name but as long as they're not called a prescription drug I might leave them.

Funny to think that there is even a grammar for dealing with phishing attacks – there's a grammar for everything.

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